On Guard

by On Guard

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This is our first EP, recorded at A1A Studios in Jacksonville Beach.


released August 31, 2013



all rights reserved


On Guard Jacksonville, Florida

On Guard is a modern rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. What started as a name became a lifestyle, as the four young gentlemen of On Guard build momentum.

The band’s EP carves a niche in the Jacksonville music scene with their unique interplay of harmonic and dissonant guitars, aggressive rhythms and soulfully delivered lyrics.
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Track Name: Watch Where You Step
It always stops when you put your foot down
You let me out the back door
With an excuse I'd never heard before
Completely unwarranted and insensitive

Do I do it for myself?
Is there ever anybody else?
I'd say I won't do it again
But I tend to lie

Watch where you step
Cause I've been thinking about you, love
I'm filled with your poison
Or am I in the position
Wrong place. Wrong time.

I get so frustrated
How you're manipulative
Everything I do
And you'd spread it out
Like I'd forget about those night
Everything is true

I can't help it
How you make me move

When you fight, no,
I can't get enough.
Track Name: WHAT!
Freedom, what does it mean?
When I've never paid for anything
And I'm walking down this road
I know, are you there for me?

Where are you now?
Cause I've been searching all around this town
Trying to find you out
You're lost
Are we one, in the same?

When you're alone, I'll be there for you.

This place is on fire.
And it's been burning down to the ground
Since you left me dry.

These two feet will follow you
I'm not sure sure enough of you is enough
Is it enough?
Track Name: Hands
I can hear your feet racing across the carpet
Building static from all the hopes for things to come

I've been waiting for you, waiting for tonight
Cause it is all we have
And we can't help ourselves
Affixed on someone else
When lives will burn, before they fade away

Didn't I watch you choke
On every word you wrote when you
Were falling far from grace

And I saw you try to take it back
Was it worse than a heart attack
And all you reaped is what you sow

Lost before you could grow
Another wing
And I'll be there for you
There's nothing left to lose
Just don't give yourself away

This is your last chance.

Listen to you, can you hear yourself?
You've got me running in circles
When I just need help
I've been trying to walk on my own
But you've been holding my hands
For as long as I've known you
Track Name: Run
Oh, it's my right.
I am a man.

A little optimism never hurt anyone
Be all that they can.

Late night, back roads
Familiar faces tend to take you home
I've been sitting on the back of this tailgate
For 45 minute and it's getting late
And I'm not going back

Saw you standing there
Twirling your fingers in your blonde hair all alone
Sitting at the bar,
Giving dirty looks to who walks on by all alone
Can you scream it out?
Say it loud enough so you don't have to shout all alone

Say what you want, I'm not coming to...RUN!!!

Did we find you there?
Somewhere you could be retrieved

You were...you were...darling...
I am running around instead of using common sense
Track Name: Mistakes Realized Too Late
I'll hold you down when you're undone
To keep you from taking your time.

Paying the price without taking the toll.
Voices, sounds are from below

You lived in a house made of flimsy cards
Were you surprised you didn't make it that far?
Spinning in circles, dancing around the truth
Fell flat, it came back to you

What is it all mean to leave?
All I want is your believe
That I want you to belong

Help, I was blind and now I can finally see.
I know that if this true
I want you to belong

Is there where you thought you would be?
Clutching your belongings long after they're gone

Pictures gained words when we lost ours
I broke the silence and followed applause

Hold me now, I'm done.
I know that if this is true,
Then I want you to lie

Hopeless, too late, I've been told the time of my day.